Fight with grappling hooks in this party platformer for one to four players. Play as a treasure hunting cat or a land swimming shark as you swing around the stage taking out your opponents.


  • Use your grappling hook to kill your enemies and swing around the level in free for all combat.
  • Choose from five unique characters, like the fast moving cat Jade or the teleporting assassin Anara.
  • Mount vehicles like the cannon firing Airship or the lightning shooting Gryphon and fight off the other players as they try to grapple onto your mount.
  • Battle across 19 different maps across 5 unique worlds, from the Viking mountains of Frostguard to the lava flooded Magma Cove.
  • Watch for chests that fall from the sky, stuffed with powerups like the berserker helmet, the shield, and the doppelganger mirror.
  • No friends around? No problem! Play against up to three CPU players at different difficulty levels.


Skyhook was started in April 2014 by Wase Qazi who intended on finishing the game as part of the One Game A Month challenge. Over a year later, Skyhook is a full featured game out now on Steam Early Access and looking to release on consoles in early 2016. The game's unique premise of fighting against your friends using grappling hooks has gone on to be a hit at indie game events around the East Coast, such as IndieCade East, SuperSmashCon, and BostonFIG. After working on the game part time for over a year, Wase Qazi is now full time on the game. Skyhook left Early Access for full release on Steam on May 17th 2016.


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